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Welcome to our web site! We’re glad you stopped bye. It’s like the old saying “so many roads, so little time”. We recognize that there is a whole lot of web pages out there and we appreciate you taking the time to stop and check us out.

Dr H – FounderA message from our founder Dr H:

“I felt that there was a need for a place where people could ride as a group of riders without having to attend meetings, Bible studies, or be forced to be part of a single denominational group. The concept is simple, if you have a motorcycle with a valid driver licenses and you like to ride with a group of riders who love to ride motorcycles then come out and ride the ride with us!

As Americans who have valid driver licenses I understand that you can choose to ride when and wherever you want. I hope you will choose to ride with us whenever you can. You do not even have to attend a church to ride with us.

People need a place to where labels are not needed. So often we forget that everyone is human and as humans we all have needs but many times the labels and the pressures of society restrict us from just being honest with ourselves and even others. We are all just people.

Today, people need a place where they can just get together and ride, have fun and if they choose, a place where they can find real friends who will be there for them.

We ain’t A.A., N.A., Triple A, A.M.A. or even C.M.A. even though all of those are fine organizations we don’t have a single “A” anywhere in our name. We are simply brothers and sisters in Christ with a heart to extend a helping hand to those in need of finding a new direction in life and who have a passion to ride motorcycles as a group. Simply put, we are just a group of people who love to ride allot.

It has been my observation from years of riding that many are attracted to the group with the sole intention to have a place to ride with other bikers. I understand that if they were looking for a church then they would have went to a church instead of coming to our group. In fact, many come to our group for one thing and that is to ride the ride without all the politics that goes along with most motorcycle groups.

So we are doing things decently and in order. At Kingdom Riders we ride. At our church we preach. We do not ride our cycles inside the church nor do we preach on the rides. We do have a prayer before we ride asking the Lord Jesus Christ to give us safe travel and then we ride. So come out have fun with us.

Our king is Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to give an account of the spiritual differences that Jesus has made in each of our lives along the way and to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone who will listen.

Jesus himself was also considered to be a rebel by many but the truth is the only thing that he was rebelling against was some of the religious groups of His time who were teaching things that kept people from having a REAL relationship with God.

As one Texas Rider said it “there’s a whole lotta’ road out there that we ain’t seen yet.” Don’t get the wrong idea. I know what some of you might be thinking. Here is just another one of those weird motorcycle church ran clubs. The truth is, we are church going folks and I do pastor a church, but when we ride our motorcycles – we just ride. No one is going to preach you down and no one is going to judge you. We do not have any form of organized Bible studies. We just ride and have fellowship. If someone wants to talk about their faith to a fellow rider then that is up to them.

We do believe in the local new testament church and that is where we point people too. We will not trick anyone into coming to ride their motorcycles into attending a Bible study. When you come to ride your bike with us we do just that, we ride. Our goal is to simply ride and build strong relationships among each other. We hope that those relationships will encourage many to seek out a Bible believing, Bible Preaching church that they can attend on a regular basis that will offer full spiritual support.

No one is perfect and we all have our closets that we collected from our past. We don’t judge a person because of their past, we look toward their future in Christ Jesus and to what they are becoming in Him for the Glory of God.

Check out the: “Four Spiritual Laws” and the “The Gospel Story Explained”

Whether you’re just surfing the net, looking for a little encouragement, or an old scooter bum killing time waiting for the weather to lighten up. We hope you will find our pages of some interests. We hope to see you riding the ride for the King of Kings. Be sure to sing up for our newsletter so that you can be informed about all of the rides and rallies in our area.

If you looking for a local church where bikers are highly welcome then visit our church web site to find out more – View our church website at www.CHBCLubbock.org

EVERY SUNDAY – Everyone meets at the corner of Orlando Street and 40th Street also known as the “Davis Park”. (View Map) We leave at 2:00 pm sharp and ride until aprox. 5:00 PM. For more information contact:


NOTE: If you choose to ride with us all we ask is that you honor our No Drugs and No Alcohol policy before or during the ride.
Safety is always the key.

The roads and highways belong to everyone who has a valid motorcycle license and we know you have a right to ride anywhere you like. For that reason we do not require you to sign anything. It is no different than if we met you riding down the road and you chose to simply ride along with us. Every rider accepts full responsibility for themselves based on the laws of the land.
If you want to ride remember there are….