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Dr H’s story behind his tattoos:


Dr H and the story behind his tattoos


Dr H(Click photo to enlarge)

When my son was 17 years old he received his first tattoo without my  my permission. I have to admit that my reaction to his not telling me ahead of time is what caused me to react so abruptly to him. It was not the fact that he had a tattoo as it was the fact that he did it behind our backs. Since then four years have passed and I have always regretted my reaction.  

I asked my son to forgive me for my reactions and if he would go with me to get my tattoo when I was ready. He forgave and yes he went with me. For me, this was my way of repairing the bridges of my own heart. 

So as you can see that day finally came. My son and I, along with several personal friends, made it to the tattoo shop. After five hours of non stop tattooing my tattoo was compete. Thanks Annie for being such a great artist that you are. Now for the story to why I chose to design my own tattoo and not go with some standard print.


1. The clouds stand for the Shekina Glory Cloud that God resided in when He led Israel through the wilderness. The cloud held the presence of God.

It will be the same cloud that Jesus will be in when He returns for His saints during the event called the rapture.
2. The lightning bolts represents how fast the coming of Jesus Christ will be for His church. As the lighting covers the sky so it will be when Christ comes for his Church.

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3. Merlin was chosen because I have been a Gospel Illusionist for over 20 Years. Many refer to it as a Gospel Magician. 
I have been using the theatrical art of stage illusion to draw the crowds so that I could present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a very illustrative and clear presentation in my programs.

Notice that Merlin’s face does not show any major details because this is not about Merlin but the fact that I have been a Gospel Magician all these years. Presenting the Gospel message of Christ to thousands.

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4. The eye is because of two things:
#1 A reminder that we are all under the all seeing eye of God the Father who sees all things at all times.

#2 the fact that I am a motivational trainer who uses stage hypnosis to attract my crowds and to educate them to the power of their own minds.

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5. The well is for Christ who is the “well of living water”.  A reminder that Christ invites all to drink from the well of living water. A picture of Christ.

Well of living water
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6. The water in the well is stirred because of the touch of the Holy Spirit. The touch of the Holy Spirit has caused a major stirring in my life. 

Water Stirred
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7. The fire represents the fire from God in my life because of the Holy Spirit upon my life. 

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8. The rod represents my full surrender to trust and be used by God. 
God asked Moses what is that in your hand, he said a rod, God used that rod as a symbol of Moses faith as God demonstrated time after time the power of God. When Moses raised the rod, rivers parted, victories were won etc…

So like wise, I want to be the rod in God’s hand that is always willing to show forth the power of God in a persons life who is willing to yield their life to the service of God. A picture of my full surrender to Him.

Rod of surrender
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9. The diamond is for the jewels mentioned in Malachi 3. The Bible tells us that we are the (sagular jewels) diamonds of God because we are His children. We are so very precious to Him. More valuable than any diamond could ever be.
Diamonds are very rare, very precious and considered as one of the most expensive jewels known to man. So His children are so precious to Him that we are considered His diamonds.

10. The Crystals at the end of the staff – crystals are used by many today to show new age beliefs, but these crystals are there to show that I am no longer under the law but under new age grace or new testament grace.


Double winged cherubim: the warrior angel. The clouds represent a more brighter day. The fire and ice represents the battle to help other bring the balance into their lives. The battle to win every soul that I can to Jesus who is the Christ. The angles left arm is wounded representing that we all must bear our own scars and conquer our own victories. The sword represents the Word of God and how that it can pierce the coldness of man’s heart with the fire of God’s love. The Fire also represents the Holy Spirit at work in our lives.So the left arm helped to balance out the right as the right gives us the beginning of my story which in turn gives balance to the left arm.

The key to living is when your life is lived for others and not just for self.


Dr H - Left Arm Tattoo

Last of all, my tattoo reminds me of what Christ did for me. He bore the marks of my sins on His body forever. I have chosen to bare marks that allow me to tell my story about Christ and the life He has given me. 

Marks of Christ
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It still amazes me how many people who call themselves a “Christian” have voiced their opinions and yes, even their objections to my decision to obtain my tattoo – even after reading my testimony above. It should not matter to anyone what a person has chosen to do with their own body. It is so sad that we still live in an age of self righteous and unlearned people who by their own voices prove that the Pharisees are still among us today. I pray for them and ask God to open their hearts to the Gospel of Christ so that they too will be free. It should not matter what marks a person bares, nor the color of their skin, nor whether they are rich or poor nor to what side of the tracks they are from. What matters is that we love people for Christ and encourage them to live for Christ. So I ask, does the words you speak offer encouragement or discouragement, are they motivated out of love and kindness or are they motivated by your own fears of that which you do not understand. The word Christian means CHRIST LIKE or LITTLE CHRIST. In a world where we have so many churches you would think it would be easy to spot the real Christians who hearts have been changed into hearts of love and mercy.  Yet I must confess, even as a pastor of a local church, it is so hard for non-believers and believers of the Gospel, to see true Christians loving like Christ through their congregations today. God forgive us all and help our unbelief. May God bring a true revival to our land and for that I pray, God send me with your heart to reach your people with your love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I give you all the glory. Amen.

Dr H

(1 Sam 16:7 KJV) But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.

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